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Next Generation Offshore Wind

We are ready to take on the tasks of the next generation of offshore wind energy. The sowento team has the necessary expertise to solve our clients’ floating wind projects efficiently and at high quality. A large experience from academic research and EU research projects as well as experience from industrial projects help us to identify the critical issues in the field. Through solution-oriented teamwork, agile project work, mutual support and high professionalism we provide high project value for our customers and their floating wind projects. With a deep understanding of the main dynamics of floating wind turbines together with the passion to develop the next generation of offshore wind we deliver and support our partners.

Our vision is to take the current floating wind turbine technology to a next level through advanced design tools, state-of-the-art control and novel sensor technology and an integrated monitoring approach. Monitoring of structural health will be a key in the future to ensure optimal capacity usage of all structural members, which will lead to savings of material and cost. This is the way we see floating wind becoming competitive and a key contributor for a sustainable energy supplier.

Our Floating Wind Engineering Services are mainly:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Simulation and engineering studies

  • Integrated FOWT system design and optimization

  • Technological due diligence

  • Controller design

  • Measurement data evaluation

  • Software solutions

Coupled Design Load Simulations

We bring our findings from high-level European projects like H2020-LIFES50+ into industry, realizing state-of-the-art simulation and design best practice in your project. We use tailored multi-fidelity tools, adapted to the design stage and engineering question we are working on. We select design load cases according to the component to be designed in the same way as we select the software to reliably predict the driving loads. Our design calculations will integrate into your projects, allowing a flexible output of section load timeseries, load range histograms or Markov matrices. We will validate our calculations using wave tank test or full-scale prototype data.

Engineering Services for Design Load Simulations

  • Design Load Calculations according to IEC 61400-3-2
  • System Analysis and identification of critical load cases
  • Multi-fidelity modeling of floating wind turbines
  • Preparation of experimental tests

Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities how we can support your floating wind project. 

Controller Design for Floating Wind Turbines

We offer our clients advanced floating wind turbine controllers, tested in realistic simulation environments together with a clear roadmap to implement the solution in full-scale. A core competence is our control oriented simulation model SLOW. 

Using the linearized model, we design controllers, tailored for our client’s needs:

  • robust baseline controller for low-risk operation with uncertain system properties
  • multivariable feedback control
  • optimal state-feedback controller
  • advanced model-predictive controller

Supporting services and add-ons

Depending on the existing hardware and constraints of your turbine we offer add-on solutions, like lidar feedforward controllers, leaving an existing feedback controller untouched. 

Benchmarking studies are an important component of our contribution to the development of your product. We deliver detailed analyses of the prospects of an advanced controller on your turbine, which will allow you to rate the benefits.

  • Automated model-based controller design for your own internal use
  • Equiping your product with state-of-the-art sensors and control
  • PLC implementation and commissioning roadmap and supervision

Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities how we can support your floating wind project with our controller design expertise. 


Scaled Experiments and Tool Validation

Measurement data is essential for the assessment of uncertainty of the design calculations. We are experienced in building scaled floating platforms, selecting sensors and conducting experiments. We ensure a stepwise validation, increasing the complexity of the load cases gradually.

  • Stepwise system identification
  • Streamlined test supervision
  • Uncertainty quantification of design loads

Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities how we can support your experimental testing and model validation with our engineering expertise.

DTU-USTUTT-CENER Triple Spar test campaign at DHI in 2016 DTU Wind Energy Danish Hydraulic Institute Paper: Yu, W., Lemmer, F., Bredmose, H., Borg, M., Pegalajar-Jurado, A., Mikkelsen, R. F., Azcona, J. (2017). The TripleSpar Campaign: Implementation and Test of a Blade Pitch Controller on a Scaled Floating Wind Turbine Model. In Energy Proceedia.

Integrated Design and Optimization

The novel floating wind technology is progressing continuously along the learning curve. With our efficient reduced-order system simulation toolbox, we are able to represent efficiently the overall system dynamics. The ability to run parameterized simulations allows us to run integrated optimizations with the goals defined by our customers. Integrated Design offers the possibility to achieve floating wind turbine designs that meet exactly the design criteria and are optimized with respect to dynamic response, extreme loads, fatigue loads or other optimization goals.

  • Streamlined design, considering constraints of manufacturing, transport, installation, and marine operations
  • Holistic optimization, ensuring that coupling effects are considered
  • Controls co-design, using automated design algorithms that ensure that the controller automatically adapts to design changes

Get in touch with us to learn more about our fast nonlinear fully parametrized simulation model and how it can support you in your floating wind project.

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