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Coupled analysis, digital-twins, engineering, simulation technologies and control engineering for the floating wind industry

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sowento is a successful spin-off of the University of Stuttgart with a profound expertise in lidar-assisted control, modeling and controller design of offshore floating wind turbines. Our aim is realizing commercial construction of floating wind projects in the future through advanced technology: We use advanced modeling and control in order to save structural material, approaching minimum safety factors for a most efficient use of steel and concrete. Our vision is to advance Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) technology for sustainability and cost-efficiency through an optimization of the dynamic characteristics.

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Student Trainee/Internship: Advanced Wind Turbine Multibody Simulation

The objective of this work is to advance an existing in-house Multibody Systems (MBS) solver for simulation of onshore and floating wind turbines.

Internship or BSc/MSc thesis: Optimized Control Strategies for Existing Wind Turbines by means of Hydrogen Production and Energy Storage Systems

The objective of this work is the potential study of an optimized wind turbine control strategy for the production of hydrogen and the use of batteries as storage systems.

Internship or BSc/MSc thesis: Development of a System Identification Tool for Low-order Wind Turbine Model Identification

The objective of this work is to develop a system identification tool, which can identify the grey-box parameters (i.e., the physical description of the problem is known, but not the equation’s parameters) of an onshore wind turbine based on real measurements.


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