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sowento is growing

We are very happy to announce that we have a new colleague: Wei Fu. She has agreed to tell us more about her and introduce herself to the wind energy community. We at sowento are happy to have you onboard and wish you a good start with us.

Tell us more about you...

Hi my name is Wei. I am 26 years old and I come from Beijing, China. I finished my bachelor at the Beijing Institute of Technology before coming to the University of Stuttgart and achieving my master’s degree in aerospace engineering.

My hobbies are reading and travelling. Throughout my travels, as well as my studies, I became very interested in our environment and renewable energies. Another one of my interests is control technology. So I thought to myself: Why should I not combine my interests? I want to innovate renewable energies through technology in order to create a better world.

What are your tasks at sowento?

I actually have different tasks at sowento. What I have been doing includes the wind speed estimation, the optimization for lidar-assisted control and so on. Besides, I also have some minor tasks, e.g. the translation or the business development for sowento in the Chinese market.

What is your motivation to work at sowento?

I wanted to work at sowento because their aims are the same as mine: creating a better world through technology. But the team at sowento is also a huge reason why I love it here. The working environment is very nice and I really appreciate our young, motivated and engaging team at sowento. I have many chances to learn new things and take on more exciting new challenges. This serves my self development which I think is also very important.

I am very happy to be one of the combining links between China and Germany in terms of wind energy technologies. This will hopefully create the opportunity to exchange ideas and be a further step to reach our aim.

I also hope that my work at sowento is having an impact on our future and the environmental protection. Maybe it ensures that our future generations will have the same blue skies that we enjoy today.


Would you like to know more about Wei and her work at sowento? Get in touch with her.

Wei Fu
Tel: +49 711 23 07 1375