sowento has its origin at Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) at the University of Stuttgart. As a spin-off the company was founded by David Schlipf, Florian Haizmann, Steffen Raach, Holger Fürst and Frank Lemmer in 2017.

We aim to use our experience on advanced control solutions together with the latest simulation techniques to help to design the sustainable energy systems of tomorrow.

More information

The sowento team

Dr.-Ing. David Schlipf

Main expertise:
controller design, lidar-assisted control

Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Raach

Main expertise:
controller design, wind farm control

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Lemmer (née Sandner)

Main expertise:
integrated design and control of floating wind turbines

Dipl.-Ing. Florian Haizmann

Main expertise:
lidar-assisted control, lidar measurements

M.Sc. Holger Fürst

Main expertise:
integrated design of lidar system, lidar-assisted control


M. Sc. Mohammad Salari Khaniki

Main expertise:
controller design, model predictive control


Anne-Marie Ludwig

Main expertise:
lidar data processing

Our story

sowento is a University of Stuttgart spin-off of Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE). We have dedicated ourselves to providing innovation in the field of control engineering in wind energy. With sowento we aim at translating our research results into industrial applications.


If you are interested in our work or our services, and want to know more about possible solutions for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to inform you about possible collaborations and partnerships.

Nobelstraße 15
70569 Stuttgart
Contact person: Steffen Raach
Phone: +49 711 685-68303