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We welcome Florian Thomas at sowento

In June, Florian Thomas joined the sowento team, supporting our lidar technology development. We are very happy to have you with us. We want to give him the opportunity to share his tasks and motivations with us.

Florian, tell us more about you...

Hello, my name is Florian and I am very happy be the newest member of the sowento team, which I will support in lidar-assisted control development at sowento.

What is your professional background?

My interest in wind turbine control started with my bachelor’s thesis at TU Darmstadt, which I wrote about the observability of wind turbine models. After having gained my bachelor’s degree in mechatronics, I moved to Stuttgart for my master’s studies in sustainable electrical energy supply in order to specialize in the field of renewable energies. With my research thesis I dived into lidar data processing methods and learned a lot about lidar-assisted control of wind turbines.

What motivates you to work at sowento?

Working at sowento perfectly combines two very important aspects of work for me: On the one hand, I want to contribute to a more sustainable and a little better world, also at my workplace. In my view, one way of doing this as an engineer is to support the further development of renewable energies. On the other hand, I am enthusiastic about technological challenges, related to the complex system of a wind turbine, its control and lidar wind sensing. 

sowento forms an interface between research and industry which promises the excitement of new developments combined with the motivating aspect of really getting things implemented. I am therefore very much looking forward to contributing to and growing with further projects at sowento!