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We welcome Mees Al at sowento

In February, Mees Al joined the sowento team, supporting our floating wind controller development. We are very happy to have you with us. We want to give him the opportunity to share his tasks and motivations with us.

Mees, tell us more about you...

Hi, my name is Mees. I grew up in a small town just above Amsterdam. I moved to Delft as I started my studies Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft and continued with a master in Systems and Control Engineering. 

During my thesis, I worked on a novel controller type for floating offshore wind turbines (FOWTs). My objective was to increase the performance of the FOWT by measuring waves upstream and utilize this knowledge in the control action. 

Besides engineering, I love being outdoors. I have spent many holidays in a camper van, searching the coasts of Europe for undiscovered surf beaches. If not surfing, I like to spend my time walking in the mountains. Both combine well with my other hobbies: photography, reading and sports. I am calm and relaxed, yet enjoy sharing with others.

Almost 2 months ago I moved to Stuttgart to work for sowento. Despite being mostly indoors now due to the Corona outbreak, I really enjoy the city of Stuttgart and having met new people. Yet in the future, I will continue to work for sowento remotely, based in the Netherlands.

What are your tasks at sowento?

I will support the FOWT team as a systems engineer and as a control engineer. sowento has contributed to the state-of-the-art of FOWT control. My task will be to implement these control strategies on actual FOWTs, on behalf of their manufacturers. Particularly, I will develop controllers that increase power production while reducing the loads, simply by using the existing resources in a smarter way.

Floating wind design synthesis

What is your motivation to work at sowento?

FOWT control is still in an early phase of development. During my thesis, I realized this means I can have significant meaning to this field and thus to renewable energies. Moreover, I found out many great and innovative advanced control strategies are developed in research, while the industry is still using basic control. It is hard to understand why so much research is simply not being implemented. sowento is at the intersection of research and industry, exactly the company to connect both worlds. Therefore, I was very keen to join. I set my personal goal to bridge the gap: realize state-of-the-art-research controllers in actual FOWTs, in order to capture more renewable energy and extend their life-time. This allows me to utilize my passion for engineering while contributing to global sustainability!