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Wind farm

The opportunity to operate the wind farm in a smart and optimized way will change the development of wind energy production. Wind farm control helps to gain more energy, operate the wind farm in an optimized way such that wake interactions are minimized and the structural loading of wind turbines in the farm are balanced. In close partnerships sowento aspires to a sustainable energy supply for the future through novel technologies and novel control methods.

For wind farm applications we offer our clients

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Wind farm control

Our services cover wind farm controller design tasks and optimized wake redirection to increase the energy production of the wind farm. There is a great potential in wind farm control and smart methods can increase the energy production of a wind farm significantly.

Wind farm controller design and implementation

We offer our clients wind farm controllers which aim to maximize the power production of a wind farm. Together with them we perform the necessary steps from first idea, simulation results, to a first proof of concept in field testing. Part of our services are control oriented simulation models, different controllers (based on the requirements), and proof of concept solutions to support your development. Depending on the existing hardware and constraints of your turbine we offer add-on solutions, like realtime testing hardware.


  • feedforward wake redirection control
  • wake observer
  • lidar-assisted wake controller
  • wind farm flow observers
  • maschine learning methods to improve wind farm operation
Lidar measurements in a wind farm with a scanning lidar system. (c) SWE, University of Stuttgart.

Steffen Raach,

Lidar in wind farm applications

A lidar system remotly assesses the wind speed. We include lidar devices in wind farm applications. The sensor can be used to analyse flow situation in a wind farm or to verify the improvements of a new control strategy. In a more advanced setup the sensor can be used to improve the current operational strategy and include it in the wind farm control algorithm.

Measuring the flow in a wind farm with lidar

During our academic work we have been heavily involved in leveraging the benefits of remote sensing techniques like lidar in wind energy. A lidar system supports the operation of a wind farm by providing flow information within the farm. This helps to understand the effects in the wind farm and to use the knowledge best in smart operation strategies.

With the expertise in lidar measurements we can support you in planning measurement campaignsfor your wind farm and give you insight in analysing lidar measurements data. You can benefit from our experience in field testing campaigns by designing your investigations effectively and meaningfully.



  • consulting for the selection of lidar devices
  • effective planning of measurement campaigns
  • data analysis service
  • consulting on understanding and post-processing of lidar measurement results

Steffen Raach,


visualisation of partnership

Working with sowento

During our academic work we have been involved in different national and European funded research projects. Within those projects, which have been of great success in creating key technologies for the wind energy market of tomorrow, we have developed an international network of researches and worked together with different institutions and universities.

These experiences and the way of collaborating closely guide our daily work to guarantee you a close partnership and a honest and friendly environment. In our services this is one of the key factors.

We offer our clients

  • collaborative and friendly cooperation
  • a single contact person
  • regular progress updates
  • phone, web or in-person meetings