About us

We want to strengthen the wind energy industry through engineering innovation. In close collaborations we develop solutions for different wind energy applications. 

We develop and deliver the best solution for every client's need

sowento is an independent engineering consultancy, technology advisor, and service provider for the wind energy industry. We are fully committed to accelerate innovation in wind energy and provide high quality results in our projects.  What makes us different is that we approach the topics with a clear systematic approach.  We aim at highest quality standards while keeping the flexibility of an open collaborative project.

sowento has its origin at Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) at the University of Stuttgart. As a spin-off the company was founded by David Schlipf, Florian Haizmann, Steffen Raach, Holger Fürst and Frank Lemmer in 2016 with the aim of providing advanced control solutions together with the latest simulation techniques to the wind industry.

Nowadays, sowento has a team of control, structural, and ocean engineers focusing on the different aspects of wind measurements, control, modeling and design, and coupled simulations of wind energy systems.

Our Principles


We put our clients’ interests on first priority and are committed to delivering the highest quality in our work. ​

Today and tomorrow

With our activities we focus the challenges of today and tomorrow and follow a sustainable and reasonable path to achieve our goals.​


We stay independent and communicate/solve conflicts of interests openly with our clients.


Building on a trustful and productive partnership, we ensure the integrity and security of the confidential data of our partners. ​


We support the wind energy community and individuals tackling the challenges with great passion. ​

Values, Diversity and Gender Equality

Read more about our core values, our view on diversity and gender equality here.

Our Values

Relationship & Excellence

People, relationships, excellence, almost everything at sowento is related to these three aspects. We care, challenge, empower, and trust each other to form a highly motivated and effective team. 


We run our projects in close collaboration with our client. This ensures involvement, knowledge sharing, and a strong project performance.

Result maximation

Achieving the best results for our clients drives our work.


We challenge the state of the art and want to get beyond. In our developments we innovate applications, rethink approaches and develop new methodologies.


We work towards a fair world in which renewable energies are strong and a sustainable energy supply is available to everybody.


Our mission is to strengthen the wind energy industry through innovation from research and deliver solutions to our clients. In a close collaborations we develop innovations for different applications. We empower the community, our team and individuals to develop high quality results, knowledge and smart technical solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow.

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