AMOG and sowento announce partnership to offer integrity monitoring solution for floating offshore wind

AMOG and sowento have signed an MoU to deliver a holistic FOWT monitoring solution to improve integrity, insurability, and reduce operation costs.

The collaboration leverages more than 40 years of combined experience to commercialise a holistic integrity monitoring solution for the floating offshore wind sector. It brings together two independent companies, each with an impressive track record of delivering monitoring and engineering solutions to the wind and offshore energy sectors. The solution lies in the use of aggregate data, effectively utilising sowento’s expertise in wind energy and remote sensing techniques such as lidar and combining it with AMOG’s field-proven integrity monitoring solution for floating platforms, SMIC.

Effective automated integrity monitoring is a recognised enabler for the commercial viability of grid- scale floating wind; the sowento and AMOG solution supports wind farm operations and maintenance (O&M) by providing real-time insight into fatigue loading, risk-of-failure indicators, and operational states. From the turbine to the tower, down to the foundations, moorings, and cables, the full-unit holistic monitoring solution can help maximise asset utilisation, minimise ongoing expenditure, and improve safety.

Highly optimised design may increase the risk of fatigue, and the cost of instrumenting each part of a turbine, and/or implementing a full-scale inspection campaign, can be both logistically challenging and cost prohibitive. A flexible and modular system, with easy web-based access to real-time data, optimises inspection planning by modelling failure prediction and can report on the status and health of the asset and moorings at any given time.

“We are excited to enter into this partnership with sowento,” said Kanishka Jayasinghe, Associate Director and Digital Team Lead at AMOG. “This collaboration combines sowento’s expertise in offshore wind and AMOG’s established track record in integrity monitoring of floating offshore platforms, to deliver a solution to reduce O&M costs and improve safety and reliability for floating offshore wind”.

As the floating offshore wind industry forges ahead in scale, AMOG and sowento’s collaboration will deliver a monitoring solution that will support the offshore wind industry in its push to unlock the potential of the abundant wind resources available in deeper waters offshore.

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