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Lidar applications

We have shaped ideas of different lidar applications for the last 10 years and have driven the development of them. 

Our main expert areas are on

  • Lidar-assisted controller design
  • Specific lidar data processing for lidar-assisted control
  • Lidar wind field reconstruction
  • Motion-compensation of moving lidar systems

Floating wind

Our team comprises engineers a multidisciplinary background with extensive experiences with different wind turbines and floating platform types. We are equipped to tackle the most complex challenges.

Our main expert areas are on

  • Modeling of floating wind turbines at different fidelity levels
  • Coupled-analysis and integrated loads analysis
  • Detailed analysis of the dynamics including linear analysis, Campbell diagram, sensitivity analysis
  • Controller design for single and multi-turbine floating wind turbines
  • Special analysis for single-point-mooring systems
  • Integrated design and optimization of floating wind turbines
  • Digital twin for floating wind turbines 
  • Model-based high resolution monitoring
  • Power performance testing with nacelle-based lidars

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