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At sowento, we specialize in providing cutting-edge engineering consultancy services tailored to the needs of the wind energy industry. We are an independent, technology-agnostic and fully self-owned consultancy. With expertise in simulations, design, optimization, and controller design for wind turbines, we offer comprehensive solutions for onshore, offshore, and floating wind turbines and wind farms.

Whether you’re planning a new innovations, optimizing existing assets, looking for support in the pre-bid planning, pre-FEED or FEED phase, or seeking advanced control solutions, sowento is your trusted partner for engineering excellence in the wind energy sector.

Our Services


With a deep understanding of the general dynamics of bottom-fixed foundation wind turbines and floating wind turbines we use different simulation models to analyze wind turbines. Besides commercial simulation tools, we have developed and maintain an in-house simulation model, SLOW with a specific focus on computational efficiency. Our software is the worlds fastest aero-hydro-servo-elastic simulation model, making it a unique solution for streamlined Integrated Loads Analysis in each design phase. In early design stages, we have tailored order-reduction schemes, which accelerate large sets of lifetime load assessments. In advanced design we perform design load calculations (DLCs) according to IEC or DNV standards. 

sowento is expert user of NREL’s OpenFAST, Orcina’s Orcaflex and DNV’s Bladed software for bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines.

sowento develops and maintains a simulation  manager for large batches of Design Load Simulations for offshore wind turbines according to IEC or DNV. The pywento toolbox preprocesses and postprocesses load cases independent of the simulation software. It is designed with a focus on robust runs with automated plausibility checks, tracking of tailored design indicators throughout the design process and results reproducibility at any time.


Integrated-design and optimization

Our experienced team of engineers collaborates with clients to develop innovative floating wind turbine designs that maximize energy production while adhering to safety and design load standards. Through meticulous analysis and iterative refinement, we optimize wind turbine systems to enhance performance, reduce costs, and extend operational lifespan.

sowento has unique experience in the simulation of innovative foundation concepts for offshore wind turbines. These include multi-rotor foundations, lightweight designs and weathervaning single point-mooring systems.

Wind turbine control

Leveraging state-of-the-art control algorithms, we engineer sophisticated control systems for wind turbines, ensuring precise operation and stability in diverse operating conditions. We provide baseline controllers for onshore, offshore, and floating wind turbines, very close to industrial practice. Moreover, our FBsowento controller offers the potential of increased control performance and an optimized operation of the wind turbine.

Especially for floating wind turbines with two-turbines on one floating platform, we offer unique master controllers, which find the best tradeoff between the loading and stabilizing the yaw motion best. Get in touch to learn more about our track record.

Lidar-assisted control

We are the world leading team realizing lidar-assisted control for wind turbines. Having worked with different wind turbines, in different sites, on- and offshore, we know the challenges introducing lidar-assisted control. We support our clients in making the right decisions from feasibility studies, to detailed design, analysis and controller optimization, field-testing and commercialization. In our vision every wind turbine is equipped with a nacelle-based lidar and makes use of this unique sensor.

Lidar applications

We have developed and shaped different lidar applications like e.g. lidar-assisted control, lidar data correction of floating lidars, power performance assessment in the induction zone, advanced wind field reconstruction, or motion correction of lidar data from floating wind turbines. Through involvements in expert committees we have shared our knowledge and have supported the industry adapting new lidar applications.

Together with our partners we continuously develop further our methods and support the application of lidars. Get in touch to partner with us.


Tailored software solutions

In our understanding tailored software solutions are key to leverage expertise and address the complexity of the problems in wind energy. sowento’s specialized software engineering team develops in-house software as well as client specific software solutions to address the need of translating expertise and knowhow into applicable processes and software programs. 


sowento is an experienced provider of technical workshops and lectures for the wind and offshore industry. We aim to share our expertise within the industry in order to advance future wind turbines: By capacitising project developers and technology developers we turn advanced sensor, control and digital twin solutions into successful innovation projects.


Lidar applications

We have shaped ideas of different lidar applications for the last 10 years and have driven the development of them. 

Our main expert areas are on

  • Lidar-assisted controller design
  • Specific lidar data processing for lidar-assisted control
  • Lidar wind field reconstruction
  • Motion-compensation of moving lidar systems

Floating wind

Our team comprises engineers a multidisciplinary background with extensive experiences with different wind turbines and floating platform types. We are equipped to tackle the most complex challenges.

Our main expert areas are on

  • Modeling of floating wind turbines at different fidelity levels
  • Coupled-analysis and integrated loads analysis using commercial or in-house software
  • Detailed analysis of the dynamics including linear analysis, Campbell diagram, sensitivity analysis
  • Controller design for single and multi-turbine floating wind turbines
  • Special analysis for single-point-mooring systems
  • Integrated design and optimization of floating wind turbines
  • Digital twin for floating wind turbines 
  • Model-based high resolution monitoring
  • Power performance testing with nacelle-based lidars

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sowento experts are available to discuss your specific request and tailor our service offer to your needs. Continuously, we expand our knowhow to be able to provide every project with the best mix of expert knowledge and industrial experience.
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Why sowento?


Our team comprises engineers a multidisciplinary background with extensive experience in wind energy and related fields, equipped to tackle the most complex challenges.


We stay at the forefront of technological advancements, continuously exploring new methods and strategies to drive efficiency and performance gains.

Tailored solutions

Recognizing that each project is unique, we customize our services to align with the specific goals and requirements of our clients. sowento does not only provide engineering services but offers dedicated software, which is fully owned and maintained by the team.

Client-centric approach

We prioritize open communication, transparency, and collaboration, fostering strong partnerships with our clients to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Commitment to sustainability

We are passionate about renewable energy and are dedicated to helping our clients contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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