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We dedicate ourselves to transferring academic knowledge into your benefit. With our passion and broad experience in challenging research questions we can contribute to your product in an efficient and individual way. In close partnerships we aspire to a sustainable energy supply for the future.

Our portfolio

Our services cover controller design tasks, consultancy on lidar devices and efficient modeling of floating wind turbine, controller design and optimization.

Controller design and implementation

We offer our clients advanced controllers, tested in realistic simulation environments together with the hardware solutions needed for full-scale implementations. Part of our services are control oriented simulation models, different controllers (based on the requirements), like multivariable, optimal and model-predictive controllers and proof of concept solutions to support your agile product development. Depending on the existing hardware and constraints of your turbine we offer add-on solutions, like lidar feedforward controllers, leaving an existing feedback controller untouched. Benchmarking studies are an important component of our contribution to the development of your product. We deliver detailed analyses of the prospects of an advanced controller on your turbine, which will allow you to rate the benefits.


  • wind turbine controller design
  • lidar-assisted controller
  • wind farm controller
  • grid services
Hinf controller design synthesis

Steffen Raach,

Lidar services

During our academic work we have been constantly involved in leveraging the benefits of remote sensing techniques like lidar in wind energy. With this expertise we can assist you in planning measurement campaigns and give you insight in analysing lidar measurements data. You can benefit from our experience in field testing campaigns by helping you designing your investigations effectively and meaningfully.


  • consulting for the selection of lidar devices
  • effective planning of measurement campaigns
  • data analysis service
  • consulting on understanding and post-processing of lidar measurement results

David Schlipf,

Floating wind turbine design synthesis

The novel floating wind technology is progressing continuously along the learning curve. With our efficient reduced-order system simulation toolbox we are able to represent efficiently the overall system dynamics. This allows for advanced controller design for optimal multivariable, model-predictive and lidar-assisted controllers. The ability to run parameterized simulations allows us to run integrated optimizations with the goals defined by our clients. Such goals could include fatigue load reduction, or keeping of constraints like maximum excursions, among others. This can be done with a reduced set of data of the wind turbine or even with fully generic concepts as a benchmark for your floating platform design.


  • controller design (including lidar-assisted control)
  • advanced modeling of floating wind turbines
  • integrated system optimization (system engineering)
  • preparation of experimental tests
  • key contact between turbine and platform manufacturer
  • load calculations and system analysis of floating wind turbines

Frank Lemmer,

Background photo from the DTU-USTUTT-CENER Triple Spar test campaign at DHI in 2016

  • DTU Wind Energy
  • Danish Hydraulic Institute
  • Paper: Yu, W., Lemmer, F., Bredmose, H., Borg, M., Pegalajar-Jurado, A., Mikkelsen, R. F., Azcona, J. (2017). The TripleSpar Campaign: Implementation and Test of a Blade Pitch Controller on a Scaled Floating Wind Turbine Model. In Energy Proceedia.

Partnership and collaboration

During our academic work we have been involved in different national and European funded research projects. Within those projects, which have been of great success in creating key technologies for the wind energy market of tomorrow, we have developed an international network of researcher and worked together with different institutions and universities.

These experiences and the way of collaborating closely guide our daily work to guarantee you a close partnership and a honest and friendly environment. In our services this is one of the key factors.

We offer our clients

  • collaborative and friendly cooperation
  • a single contact person
  • regular progress updates
  • phone, web or in-person meetings

Steffen Raach,