Controller Design for Floating Wind Turbines

Controller Design for Floating Wind Turbines

We offer our clients advanced floating wind turbine controllers, tested in realistic simulation environments together with a clear roadmap to implement the solution in full-scale. A core competence is our control-oriented aero-hydro-servo-elastic simulation model SLOW. The model is a key asset, representing all necessary effects, which are relevant for the controller. By designing the controller with SLOW, driving dynamics are known to the controller and corresponding loads can be mitigated. SLOW is a tool also to be used in predictive controllers due to its real-time capability. These controllers can achieve various percentage points of AEP increase.

We design controllers based on a linearized aero-hydro-servo-elastic model, tailored for our client’s needs:

  • robust baseline controller for low-risk operation with uncertain system properties
  • multivariable feedback control
  • optimal state-feedback controller
  • advanced model-predictive controller
  • lidar-assisted preview controller

Supporting services and add-ons

Depending on the existing hardware and constraints of your turbine, we offer add-on solutions, like lidar feedforward controllers, leaving an existing feedback controller untouched. 

Benchmarking studies are an important component of our contribution to the development of your product. We deliver detailed analyses of the prospects of an advanced controller on your turbine, which will allow you to rate the benefits.

  • Automated model-based controller design for your own internal use
  • Equipping your product with state-of-the-art sensors and control
  • PLC implementation and commissioning roadmap and supervision

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