Coupled Design Load Simulations

Coupled Design Load Simulations

We make our experience from various engineering projects, as well as high-level European research projects like H2020-LIFES50+ your benefit. We use tailored multi-fidelity tools, adapted to the design stage and engineering question at hand. We select design load cases according to the component to be designed in the same way as we select the software to reliably predict the driving loads. The selection of models and load cases complies with the newest findings of the IEC working group for floating wind turbines.

Our design calculations will integrate into your projects, allowing a flexible output of section load timeseries, load range histograms or Markov matrices. We will validate our calculations using wave tank test or full-scale prototype data.

In particular, our strengths contributing to the success of your coupled analysis are:

  • Stepwise model setup and verification of various intermediate results (steady states, natural frequencies, deterministic responses)
  • Initial critical load cases and benchmarking through reduced-order SLOW model
  • Structured code-to-code comparison, including automation scripts, i.e. Bladed-OpenFAST, Orcaflex-OpenFAST
  • Integrated controller adaptation within design iterations: Automated, model-based Dynamic-Link-Library (DLL) tuning after each design step
  • Results overview (ULS, FLS), as well as distributed loads as timeseries for component Finite-Element (FE) analysis

Engineering Services for Design Load Simulations

  • Agile management of load simulations, component design tasks and model verification in close collaboration with all project partners
  • Design Load Calculations according to IEC 61400-3-2
  • High-performance simulation cluster suitable for a full DLC run according to IEC 61400-3-2
  • System Analysis and identification of critical load cases
  • Multi-fidelity modeling of floating wind turbines
  • Preparation of experimental tests

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