Neowind Project

Next Generation of Offshore Wind Lidar Measurements

Neowind Project


Next Generation of Offshore Wind Lidar Measurements


Total budget

1 225 334

sowento budget

225 653

Funding body

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) 


NEOWIND aims to develop a Lidar Modular System (LMS) with vastly increased accuracy compared to State-of-the-art wind measurement tools, suitable for the integration of different Lidar technologies and deployable onto multiple floating platform types , during all phases (planning, construction and operation) of a wind park project, becoming a game-changer technology.

The work of the Neowind project will reduce uncertainties in floating Lidar measurements and will open the possibility for statistical analysis of higher resolution, like 1 minute averages as well as a good estimation of turbulence intensity.

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