Press release: New Project for the Offshore Floating Wind Industry

New Project CROWN for the Offshore Floating Wind Industry has recently started focusing on  different methodologies of motion reduction of floating platforms for the Offshore floating wind industry.

Seaplace, University of Stuttgart, and sowento have started a new joined project CROWN. CROWN is a common project funded by EUREKA, which is an initiative to strengthen the European competitiveness and the European initiative for market-oriented research and development. The project was launched in September 2019 and it focuses on different methodologies of motion reduction of a concrete reduced draft spar for the Offshore floating wind industry. If you want to know more, please get in touch with contact person mentioned below or the project coordinator at seaplace.

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Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) - University of Stuttgart

Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) is part of the Institute of Aircraft Design at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy Research at the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT). Through cooperation within the university, with industry as well as other universities and research institutes, SWE actively fosters the use of wind energy. Currently about 20 researchers at SWE are engaged in a variety of projects, covering lidar measurement techniques, turbine control, offshore load analysis and full scale data validation and floating wind turbine dynamics, design and standardization. In the area of floating wind energy, SWE has been active in several major European Research projects in the last years.


Seaplace is an Offshore Engineering & Ship Design project-development Company based in Spain. Founded in 1980, nowadays is formed by a multidisciplinary y team of more than 40 naval architects andextensive knowledge of the marine and offshore business. In 2008 the company achieved its first goal regarding floating offshore wind industry by designing and testingdifferent floating foundations in the model test basin. Since then Seaplace has been involved in a wide variety of projects and acquired the expertise to become one of the leaders in the development of innovative solutions for the offshore floating wind market.


sowento is a renewable energy startup with its main business fields in wind energy lidar, floating wind and wind farm applications. The team of sowento has a strong background in floating wind applications especially in integrated modelling and design of wind turbine and floating platform and controller design for floating wind turbines, as well as developing lidar-based applications such as lidar-assisted wind turbine and wind farm control.

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