Press release: Second Goldwind project on lidar-assisted control successfully finalized

The second cooperation project of sowento and Goldwind ended which has focused on the realization of lidar-assisted control for Goldwind’s wind turbines.

Last month, the second cooperation project of sowento and Goldwind ended which has focused on the realization of lidar-assisted control for Goldwind’s wind turbines. The sowento team has investigated the different aspects of lidar-assisted control for Goldwind’s new EFarm Technology: the lidar data processing, the controller module design, and field-testing of the LAC technology. The second project was executed for 14 months in which sowento’s engineers performed load studies, designed different lidar-assisted control modules (for power optimization and load mitigation) and evaluated field testing results.

Goldwind’s EFarm optimizes operation by the use of lidar-assisted control.

David Schlipf, head of sowento’s lidar services unit and research professor at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, has led the successful collaboration with Goldwind. Because of his academic research and great experiences in realizing lidar-assisted control on different types of wind turbines, the project was a great success and both partners are looking forward to the next generation of LAC technology which sowento is currently investigating.


Founded in 1998, Goldwind is committed to becoming a leader of clean energy and energy conservation and environmental protection solutions around the globe. Goldwind has 8,000 employees around the world, including 2,000+ R&D engineers. With over 31,000 turbines, Goldwind has become a world leader with more than 50GW of installed capacity. Today, Goldwind’s wind turbines globally are helping the human society to save 31.78 million tons of standard coal, reduce 104.32 million tons of CO2 emission and achieve 57 million cubic meters of reforestation.


sowento is a spin-off from the University of Stuttgart which was founded in December 2016. Its main focus is on engineering and control services for wind energy. Currently, sowento is executing projects in the fields of lidar services and floating wind turbines.

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