SUDOCO Project

SUDOCO Project


Sustainable resilient data-enabled offshore wind farm and control co-design


For more information check the project web site and the project page on CORDIS.

Total budget

5 769 120 €

sowento budget

408 625 €

Funding body

Funded by the European Union.


SUDOCO is a pioneering project committed to revolutionizing the wind energy industry through the development of an open-source, data-driven “Control Room of the Future”. This innovative system empowers operators to optimize wind farm output in real-time while considering diverse inputs and conditions.

sowento's role in the project

sowento’s contribution to the SUDOCO project expands its scope to include floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT). While our project partners initially focus on bottom-fixed turbines, sowento will actively participate in several work packages across the entire project duration. Our goal is to leverage and share our extensive knowledge and experience in FOWT to enhance the project’s overall success.
In addition, sowento will take the lead in the development of a health monitoring prototype for FOWT. With this prototype we want to address the peculiarities of FOWT, which includes the mooring system, the floater platform and the different nature of the loads on the tower.

SUDOCO is, at the very end, a puzzle to combine together different elements. Just like the famous sudoku puzzle.

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