Developing the Next Generation of Environmentally-Friendly Floating Wind Farms


For more information visit the website https://floatfarm-project.eu/ or review the project information on the Cordis platform.

Total budget

5 997 630 €

sowento budget

243 875 €

Funding body

Funded by the European Union.


Building on the outcomes of FLOATECH, a new project running from January 2024 until December 2027 is receiving funding under Horizon Europe: FLOATFARM will bring the technologies developed within FLOATECH to the next level of technological readiness, complementing them with a significant number of new concepts, innovations and methods, in order to make FOW enter a new phase of industrial maturity. In addition, FLOATFARM will pay special attention towards decreasing the negative environmental impacts on marine life and to enhancing the public acceptability of FOW farms.

sowento's role in the project

sowento is leading the work on advanced control, in which a novel wave-informed controller will be designed and validated at the Mediterranean Sea.
Waves found to be dominant in driving different loads on FOWTs, such as stress and fatigue on the tower base. By shifting the controller’s objective towards load reduction in severe ocean conditions, wave-induced loads will be significantly decreased. sowento is responsible for developing the baseline controller and performing the field experiments. Also, sowento will provide the advanced controller to be available in the reference turbine.

FLOATFARM develops methods for the next generation of environmentally-friendly floating wind farms.

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